Ryan Bramhall, DDS

Dr. Ryan Bramhall completed his undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University before attended dental school at Texas A&M, graduating with his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2020. He is a member of the American Dental Association® and the San Diego Dental Society. In mid-August of 2020 Dr. Bramhall took over for Dr. Richard Goble, working closely with Dr. Goble to transition the practice and continue the tradition of excellent dentistry in the Fallbrook area in a caring and professional manner. He is excited and thankful to be the successor to Dr. Goble, and looks forward to working with an amazing team to provide you with the personalized care you have come to expect.

Dr. Bramhall and his family have recently moved to Fallbrook and look forward to becoming part of the community. He and his wife, Kelsey, are especially excited that their three sons will have the opportunity to grow up close to their grandparents and cousins. Fallbrook feels like home, as it offers everything they love about the outdoors, and they are thrilled to be somewhere so full of nature.


Richard G. Goble, DDS

Dr. Richard G. Goble, is a real-life “Doc Hollywood.” This former big city dentist moved his successful practice from image-oriented Beverly Hills to pastoral Fallbrook, making “dentistry for the quality conscious” available to the local community.

With dentistry running through his blood, Dr. Goble earned his DDS degree at University of the Pacific Dental School. He subsequently joined his father, Dr. Gaylord G. Goble, in his established Beverly Hills practice. Desiring to raise his children in a more rural environment, Dr. Goble moved his family to Fallbrook and established his own practice there in 1991.

Through continuing dental education courses at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry (LVI), he has mastered advanced techniques in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry, which allow him to provide the highest quality of care for his patients. His expertise in neuromuscular dentistry, which relates to securing the right bite position, applies to cosmetic makeovers as well as a variety of dysfunctions resulting from jaw misalignment.

Dr. Goble changes his patients’ lives through neuromuscular and cosmetic dentistry every day. He and his team educate patients on how “appearance-related” dentistry can improve self-image and self-worth. Word of mouth about Dr. Goble’s superior knowledge and technology travels quickly in Fallbrook. One long-term patient of Dr. Goble’s who received a full-mouth reconstruction says, “He is extremely knowledgeable and technically proficient, as well as a caring dentist.”

Dr. Goble’s office is equipped with advanced technology, which facilitates a quick, easy, and painless experience for patients. The digital X-rays in our office use a tenth of the radiation of standard X-rays, and they produce immediate results. The office’s K7 computer measures muscle functions and gives patients amazing previews of their future smiles.

In addition, Dr. Goble’s office has obtained CEREC® technology, allowing patients to get a crown in just one visit. With this new machine, Dr. Goble can give patients a laboratory-quality, tooth-colored ceramic crown and chemically bond it to the tooth. This process saves as much healthy tooth and gum tissue as possible. Patients get the privilege of skipping the impressions, temporaries, and multiple dental appointments that typically come with cosmetic dentistry.

Melding big city expertise with small town comforts, the atmosphere of Dr. Goble’s office is one of warmth and hospitality. With the team’s friendly greetings and warm smiles, you know you will feel comfortably at ease. As Dr. Goble relays, “Our ultimate goal is quality and customer service among both the dental community and the public community as a whole. . . . We accomplish this by educating [patients] on the benefits of high-quality dental care, the maintenance of it, and by treating each and every patient as a special family member.”