At the practice of Dr. Ryan Bramhall and Dr. Richard Goble, our dentists and team can give you healthy gums and a beautiful smile when you visit us for crown lengthening in Fallbrook, California. This simple surgery removes excess gum tissue to expose healthy tooth structure, making teeth appear taller. You can call our team to see if you should undergo a crown lengthening procedure.

Crown lengthening is a common dental surgery that involves the removal of both gum and bone tissue. Reasons for crown lengthening include:

  • Not enough tooth exposed to support a filling
  • Not enough tooth exposed to support a crown
  • Removal of a “gummy smile”

For this procedure, an anesthetic is injected to the immediate area and neighboring teeth. Incisions are then made that pull the gums away from the teeth, exposing teeth roots and the surrounding bone. In most cases, both gum and bone will need to be removed from around the roots of the teeth. Once enough of the tooth has been exposed, the area is washed with sterile salt water and the gum tissue is stitched back together.

If you have questions about crown lengthening or want to set up an appointment, please call us today. Our friendly team is eager and willing to assist you.