Gum disease can harm both your oral health and your overall health, so it is important that you visit Dr. Ryan Bramhall for laser gum treatment in Fallbrook, California. Using the latest equipment, our dentist can remove unhealthy tissue so your smile can heal. If you have gum disease, come to our practice so you can benefit from laser periodontal treatment.

Laser periodontal treatment is a new type of therapy used to treat gum disease. It has proven to be very effective and is free of the typical drawbacks of conventional surgery. Laser gum treatment stops infection, eliminates bad bacteria, reduces gum pockets, and maintains better results over time. Choosing laser periodontal treatment means excellent, long-lasting results.

Laser gum treatment starts when our dentist and team identify a deep periodontal pocket, complete with bone loss and tartar on the root surface. We then use the laser to remove infected and unhealthy gum tissue out of the pocket. All remaining tartar and debris is then rinsed out. Our dentist will use the laser again to kill any remaining bacteria or toxins, completely disinfecting the area. The gum tissue is brought back to the root surface and sealed with a dense fibrin clot. Then the bite is adjusted to remove any tooth trauma and to balance out chewing forces. The gums and connective tissue are reattached to the root surface, resulting in a smaller gum pocket.

Laser gum treatment is safe for patients with diabetes, bleeding disorders, or patients on blood thinners. Call our dental office today at 760-728-2261 to schedule your laser periodontal treatment.