Tips for Minimizing Complications That Could Result from a Loose Bridge

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When Bramhall Dental Corp.’s dental team initially installed your bridge, it was firmly cemented in place with the intention that it would hold firm for many years to come. However, there are situations where gum disease, or an accidental blow to the face, can weaken this secure connection.

If any part of your bridge comes loose, it will pose a serious threat to the abutment within. So it requires our immediate attention. Here at Bramhall Dental Corp. we offer a few tips to help minimize complications that could result from a loose bridge, while you await our timely care.

You should never wiggle or play with the loose bridge with your tongue or finger. Even a small amount of movement has the potential to cause significant damage to the abutment.

If an accidental blow to the face or hard fall has left blood or debris in your mouth you can gently rinse the area with salt water. This might also serve to soothe irritated gum tissues. You should not attempt to brush, floss or clean the bridge in any other way, as this could accidentally damage one or both of the abutments. Any required cleaning should be left to Bramhall Dental Corp.’s highly trained dental professionals.

If any part of your bridge is loose or giving you trouble, you should not delay in contacting Bramhall Dental Corp.’s Fallbrook, California office to schedule a timely appointment.